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St. Xavier High School
"Celebrating 50 Years of Racial Diversity"

Bright Light Perspective

One of the best parts of shooting documentaries…you never know what you are going to get!  That was the case when we collaborated on a project with St. Xavier High School celebrating 50 years of racial diversity.

Business Situation

St. X was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first African American students entering the school and wanted to tell the compelling story of the challenges those first student pioneers met during the early 1960s. The goal was to tell the story so past, present and future students of St. X can understand the importance of those who paved the way for where the school is today. They knew the story was not all positive but felt that it was important to share how far they had come and what work still needed to be done.

The Story

As a former St. X graduate, Bright Light’s Ryan Spalazzi saw what value the project could have for present and future students at St. X.  To tell this compelling story Bright Light spent 2 days capturing on camera interviews with those first African American students and 1 day of shooting B-Roll at the school and came away with hours of footage covering decades of experiences.

The Result

The result is a moving and motivational documentary celebrating the pioneers who laid the foundation to make St. X the multicultural school that it is today.

Client Perspective

“Ryan and Bright Light went above and beyond the call of duty to create a first-class video production that far exceeded our expectations.  The initial presentation was a grand slam and will have many uses. “

Mark Motz
Director of Communications & Publications
St. Xavier High School

“This project had impact. Everyone who saw the video was moved by it.  Even guys who had been interviewed gained new insights into their own stories . Bright Light stayed true to documenting and clarifying the truth from the perspective of the people involved.  The people involved felt honored and proud to be part of this project. “

John Ravenna
Student Enrichment Program Director
St. Xavier High School

“A story this good will go a long way toward showing our most important benefactors the good work their gifts are doing for the school and may well compel some of them to help even more.“

Fr. Tim Howe
St. Xavier High School

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